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Pickens County Probate and Estates Attorney

Why Would Someone be Interested in This Area of Law?

When someone close to you dies, in addition to dealing with the death, someone needs to step in and get the person’s affairs wrapped up in an orderly manner. You may have planned it or you may not have, however, the responsibility remains. It can seem confusing and complicated. Trey Merck is here to help you with the process.

What is Probate?

Since you can’t take it with you, it has to be transferred to others.

Probate is essentially the process of transferring assets from the dead person to the living person that he/she designates or is related to. Someone who has an interest in the dead person and/or in the dead person’s property takes on the task of transferring the property.

What is the Process of Probate?

Each county has a Probate Court that is responsible for carrying out the task of transferring property from the dead person to the living people that he/she designates or is related to. Someone petitions the Probate Court to be appointed over the dead person’s estate, someone is appointed, and that someone takes on the task of doing the transfers of property.

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What is the Purpose of Probate?

The purpose is to avoid having abandoned property.

The basic idea is that property should be utilized to its full potential and continue to have value to people.

Also: Another purpose is to deal with debts and creditors.

How can Trey Merck Help Me?

He can simplify the process for you, and he can be your “take charge” person to get the estate rolling and heading toward a conclusion. Trey Merck is a Probate and Estates Lawyer serving Pickens.

If you want to handle most of it on your own, Trey will give you that option at a reduced price. However, if there is real property to be transferred, you will need an attorney for that.

Some of the Key Terms to Know:

  • Decedent – the person who died
  • Estate – the property the decedent owned at death
  • Probate – the process of transferring assets of a decedent to his heirs or devisees
  • Heirs – those normally entitled to take from the estate when there is no
  • Devisees – those who are given something in the Will (if there is a Will)

What Do You Need to Bring to the Initial Appointment?


  • Two (2) original Death Certificates
  • The original Will (if there is a will)
  • Information:
  • Date of Birth and Social Security Number for the decedent
  • Address where the decedent lived at his or her death (and the county it is located in)
  • Names and addresses of heirs

Please call Trey Merck, a Pickens Probate and Estates Lawyer today so we can get started on opening and wrapping up this estate.

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