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Slip and Falls can happen anywhere and at any time. It is best to just call and have a competent and aggressive Pickens County slip and fall attorney evaluate your case. You can reach out to Trey Merck Law to schedule a free consultation and learn what your legal options are.

Factors That Affect Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and fall cases can be complicated, some of the factors that affect these claims are:

Where Did You Fall?

  1. In your apartment building (or someone else’s apartment or apartment building)?
  2. In a retail store? In the mall? In a movie theater?
  3. In a public area – on a public street or sidewalk?
  4. On a private individual’s property?
  5. On a business property?

Why Does it Matter Where you Fell?

We have to determine the owner of the property to determine if it is covered by insurance. We are going to put the owner on notice of the claim. Most of the above locations carry insurance to cover your damages.

Why is Insurance so Important?

If you get hurt and seek medical treatment (and thus incur medical bills), the best way to get your medical bills paid and get an additional amount for compensation is through insurance. The other alternative is not a good alternative. There is no insurance, so you file an injury suit against the owner, and you have to go to trial to get a verdict in your favor. You then have to take the judgment and execute on it by attempting to get the owner’s assets. If the owner has no assets or files bankruptcy, you may get nothing.

a wet floor sign in a business

Are These Cases Difficult to Pursue?

Yes, these cases can be very difficult – that’s why it’s very important to engage the services of a Slip and Fall Lawyer serving Six Mile as early as possible. Your attorney must develop a solid theory of liability in these cases. These cases may also be referred to as premises liability cases. Years ago, you had to prove that the owner of the property either caused the defect on the property or had notice of the defect and failed to take action. However, the law is now more expansive than early on, but your attorney has to develop a solid theory of liability in order to prevail.

What Actions Need to be Taken as Soon as Possible?

  1. Photos need to be taken. Hopefully, you have already taken some photos, but your attorney may also want to go out and take some photos. In some cases, your attorney may want to get an investigator to go out and make photos. Sometimes, distances and measurements also need to be photographed or taken down.
  2. Videos may need to be preserved. Your attorney can send a letter informing the owner to preserve any videos. Videos are available in a lot of these cases.
  3. Notice of a claim needs to be filed. Your attorney can send a letter to the owner and the owner’s insurance company.
  4. Evidence needs to be preserved.
  5. Proper and/or Additional Medical Treatment may need to be considered.

It is important to contact a Pickens County personal injury lawyer right away in order to protect your interests.

One call is all it takes to get your Slip and Fall case on the right track today

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